Bird Photography in Iceland is a Great Experience

Tom and I must report that our bird photography experience in Iceland was beyond our expectations.  Our driver guide was ready waiting for us when our plane from Vancouver landed at Reykjavik. Before breakfast we visited small villages and some wetland areas where we enjoyed see our first Icelandic birds.

After breakfast we continued to explore the roadsides and wet land for different birds.Our guide was knowledgeable about the species we viewed and photographed.  He was skilled to drive his huge Toyota Land Cruiser along main and side roads.  He had the knowledge and experience to seek and location different birds for us to enjoy. 

Extra special were the long hours our guide worked each day.  Usual day started very early and concluded in the late afternoon.  His patience and sharp eyes added to the pleasure of this rewarding trip.

Havar, our guide is an experienced photographer and was a great help to set up my mirrorless R7 to work more efficiently.

Thank you very much Havar for the great tour you led for us in Iceland.

Bill Smith,

Tom tsai

Tour: The Reykjanes peninsula

Date: September 25, 2022

Great day with Havar! Even with strong winds delaying our hike, Havar was able to keep us occupied showing us other areas. We then did an active hike near the volcano, stopped for a bite to eat and ended the day at Blue Lagoon.

Throughout the day, Havar was knowledgeable and took us places we'd never see on own. I'd highly recommend!

-- Sarah Lalley

Tour: The Wonderful South Coast: Waterfalls and Glacier

*Date: August 8, *2022


Hávar was simply wonderful. We have visited Iceland several times, but Hávar took us to new, beautiful and fascinating places. He was informative, flexible, and wonderful company. He left us with enduring memories of beautiful Iceland--we won't soon forget bouncing along in his FWD vehicle to reach spectacular views. Thanks, Hávar!

--Stephen Hales

Tour: Northern lights Private Photo Tour, Reykjavik, Iceland

Date: October 3 /2019

I confess, I am a very picky person and expect perfection. I know, that is stress inducing and unrealistic, but I blame that imperfection on my 1970s childhood. I maintained a high expectation standard for my trip to Iceland for five days with two friends and our Guide, Havar, delivered on every level. I will break this review down into four areas as follows:

English comprehension/Communication: The depth and breath of Havar’s understanding of English is completely astonishing. Harvar speaks, and understands, English like a mother tongue, native speaker. Havar was educated in England and that education is evident. Along with a clear understanding of the English language, Havar communications clearly, which is essential when travelling together for five days.

Knowledge: Havar is well schooled in all aspects of Iceland and Icelandic culture. Be the question in the areas of Botany, Geography, History, Literature, Arts & Culture, Volcanology, Oceanography, Glaciology or Gastronomy, Havar possesses thoughtful responses for every question. Moreover, every conversation revealed depth of Havar’s education and experience.

Flexibility: Havar was very flexible and observed (and respected) our pace for the trip. We were utterly satisfied with the respectful, kind and flexible treatment that we received. Naturally, as we traveled together for five days, we hosted Havar at our mealtimes and he was appreciative, respectful and relaxed.

Safety: We drove for hundreds of kilometers, exploring the East and North of Iceland. Havar put “safety first” in all driving situations. During hikes and explorations Havar lead the way and always provided ample guidance on suitable equipment and clothing for the concerned activity.

Also Havar possesses First Responder safety training to assist guests in case of an emergency. Overall, our time with Havar was a very positive encounter- that’s right not one gripe!!! We thoroughly enjoyed our adventure to Iceland and Havar made it all happen. I definitely will be returning to Iceland to see the North and we will be hiring Havar as our Expert Guide Professional.

--Gina Gentili, Canada

Tour: The Reykjanes Peninsula, Reykjavik, Iceland

Date: January 16, 2020

Havar is the best guide you can ask for in Iceland!

He is like a walking encyclopaedia, giving the best explanations and stories for every question I have about the country and beyond. Long car rides were made enjoyable. You can really feel his love for the land. He brought us to places we would never have found ourselves.

He is very organised, punctual and experienced. Winter in Iceland can be unpredictable and we always felt like we were in good hands. I highly recommend a tour with him!

-- Jody Tam